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  • Nam Thai Son Company participated in the trade fair of Thu Duc Business Association


  • Nam Thai Son company the leading export packaging in Vietnam


  • Nam Thai Son Corporation received the typical enterprise award 2018


  • The admission of new member of Nam Thai Son Corporation in 2018





1.    The recruitment need of Company is published on newspapers, recruitment websites, the employment centers and our website:
 2.    Applicant read carefully the requirement, then submit application document to us by one of following ways: by post, online submission through recruitment website, or email to
 3.    Required application document including:
-    Application letter, enclosed with curriculum vitae
-    Curriculum vitae is authenticated by local authority
-    Copy of permanent residential book, or registration of temporary residence, Identification with authentication of local authority
-     Copy of all qualification degrees and certificates or related documents authenticated by authority.
-    Medical report within 6 month (original)
-    Decision to accept for leaving the job and the salary by previous companies (if any).
-     3 photographs 3x4
4.    After receiving document, the Human Resource department will review, select suitable document for arranging to be interview.
 5.    The candidate will pass through 3 steps:
-    1st step: Human resource people will interview and preliminarily check
-    2nd step: Head of relevant department will interview, focusing on qualification and experience.
-    3rd step: Board of Director will interview (for some certain positions).
 6.      The passed candidate will negotiate salary and  be arranged 3 days for get acquainted with the new job and working environment, therefore:
-          As for candidate: more chances for getting acquainted with the new job and working environment
-          As for company: more chances for evaluating the skill of candidate.
 7.    After this 3 days, if agreeing with the job and requested salary, the canditate and company will sign a probation/apprentice contract for 1 or 2 months period depend on nature of each position/ job or 3 months for trainning workers.
 8.    Starting probation/apprentice contract, the candiate will be:
-   Instructed with company regulation, general labor agreement, policy, and organization chart of Company.
-   Introduced to related departments (for some certain position)
-   Given to direct manager
-   Assigned by the direct manager.
 9.    After probation/apprentice period, the candidate evaluates their working result themselves, before being evaluated by the manager.
-      If good result, company sign labor contract with the candidate.
-      If failed result, finish the probation contract or other agreement.

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